The future belongs to those who dream big, and to those who have the courage to pursue their hopes and goals!

Grow as big as your dreams with the Koleston Mentorship Program. The program that is tailored specifically to give you all the support, help and motivation you need to spread your wings and embark on the path of achieving your dreams and aspirations, with the help of five successful, well-known women in the middle east who have joined Koleston to share their experiences and success stories with you and of course to inspire you!

Angy Jammal

She doesn’t believe in luck, she only believes in diligence, hard work and determination to achieve her goals! Angy decided to tell the story in her own way, she broke the rules and proved to herself and to everyone that she took the right path! Today, Angy is a role model that many ambitious young women in the Arab world look up to.

Salama Mohamedl

An Emirati jewelry designer and a mother of two. In every detail, Salama is a special person, even with her condition “vitiligo” which accompanied her throughout her life but couldn’t break her down or block her big dreams! Salama lived in a loving and supporting house with a family that taught her how to be a proud, strong and ambitious woman.

Alaa Balkhi

A Saudi fashion and accessories designer, a blogger and the founder of her own brand @Fyunka. Alaa broke stereotypes, challenged herself and decided to pursue her goals without any fear. She believed she can and she did! Her journey inspired lots of young women worldwide.

Zainab Al Eqabi

An Iraqi pharmacist, athlete, and public speaker. Zainab is full of ambition, energy, and hope! As a child, she lived in Iraq where she lost her leg, but in the same time gained loads of determination and power that grew with her day after day and shaped the woman we know today, a successful woman who inspires strength and hope in the lives of everyone around her.

Hala Ayash

A chef and a mother who lived her life between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. She is an ambitious and a strong woman, who followed her goals step by step until the dream came true! Hala is a role model and a star that booked herself a room inside the hearts of tons of women in the region. Hala’s journey in the world of tastes, flavors, and food art is a real inspiration.